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In Kagami's mind, during his time alone, she appeared before him. He viewed this action as abandoning him, choosing herself rather than himself. Uchiha Kagami (633) Senju Tobirama (517) Uchiha Madara (375) Senju Hashirama (310) Uchiha Izuna (249) Uzumaki Mito (175) Shimura Danzou (174) Sarutobi Hiruzen (155) Senju Touka (140) Uchiha Shisui (102) Exclude Relationships Senju Tobirama/Uchiha Madara (202) For 12 years, his mother took care of him, until she left the village for unknown causes, leaving Kagami in solitude. Ranging from the Fireball Jutsu to the Phoenix Sage Fire Jutsu. "Ougi" encouraged Kagami to live, reminding that he sacrificed himself with the goal of "living together with him" and that living would allow Kagami to find a purpose in life. Welcome fellow Shinobi to the best community dedicated to the world of Naruto. He lost the fight and his memories, but later was given a new identity. Not much was said about Kagami’s personality, but there might be a possibility that Kagami’s personality matches Shisui’s only because Hiruzen mentioned that Shisui reminded him of Kagami. Kagami was too enveloped in his mother's return, and she made sure of that (Not negatively) by spending as much time with Kagami as she could. When Kagami formed Taka, Stan required Kanaya to join him. When his mother abandoned him, Kagami started putting all of the blame on himself. A hallucination of Mikoto appears to Kagami earlier, representing the subconsciousness of Kagami's ghoul half. Kagami Uchiha. Later on, Ougi would continue to live on in Kagami's consciousness as a symbol of composure and contentment. Together, they discovered their fears of losing the other were mutual. Just like all of them. Kagami makes his debut on episode #211 of Naruto Shippuden in a flashback shown before Danzō’s death. He despised the idea of solitude, hence he tried to protect those dear to him so he would not have to face his fear of being alone in the world. Since Kenji Nara was training Water Release with his older brother, and Stan already training with his father, Kagami was the only one out of the group who stood out without a trainer. Through these memories, she gradually convinces Kagami to abandon his previous ideology of being the one who gets hurt instead of others. At the end, she died by his hands and he, heavily injured, had the sudden urge to eat her body. Summary Short summary describing this character. Kanaya seems to tease Kagami sexually more than anyone else she teases. Kagami became ruthless, cruel, and brutal in order to protect his friends, yet he managed to maintain complete composure. He always tried to be a kind person like her, even after her departure from Noharagakure. Jun 27, 2017 - Explore Sasori Of The Red Sand's board "Kagami Uchiha" on Pinterest. Durant la Première Grande Guerre Ninja, Kagami et ses coéquipiers de l'Unité d'Escorte ont accompagné le Deuxième Hokage en mission. He provides advice to Kagami when the latter faces a crisis, and told Kagami the truth about Takumi Uchiha when Kagami inquired him about it. Same goes for Setsuna Uchiha and any other potential Uchiha that I missed. Izuna Uchiha has risen from the dead with the help of Madara and Kagami, but isn't out for vengeance and has no interest in being chained to another kunoichi. "Ougi" scolds him for his selfish excuses, deducing that Kagami had heard the sound of the compactor and asked whether he was okay with seeing his friends dying and letting his efforts be in vain. These events had triggered a desire in Kagami to become loyal, but after a while, cold-hearted. The clan had various places affiliated with them: A senbei shop that was famous throughout the village. Dikejar dan akhirnya dikepung oleh skuat Kinkaku dari Kumogakure, kelompok ini mendiskusikan pilihan mereka, di mana Kagami mengungkapkan bahwa rencana Koharu tentang penyergapan tidak akan bekerja dan ba… After his mother abandoned him, Kagami made it his mission in life to prove himself worthy of her time due to himself thinking that she left because of how weak he was. As a child, Kagami was a shy and reserved person, with Ougi and Coby being his only close friends. Poursuivis puis finalement encerclés par la Brigade Kinkaku de Kumo, les membres du groupe ont discuté des options possibles, et Kagami … When Kanaya found out that Kagami passed, she broke down into tears, indicating that she truly cared for his well-being. Kagami would still keep some of his cold, heartless personality and respond aggressively to anyone who had hurt her, shown when he broke half of Ayato's bones for hurting Jett and held back from killing him as it would only hurt her more. Kagami possesses the Uchiha's kekkei genkai: the Sharingan. While Kagami doesn't regret meeting Mikoto as he's met many friends along the way, "Mikoto" states that she hates him as she'd never be reduced to her current state if she'd never met Kagami at Anteiku. Initially, the two maintained a neutral relationship between that of teacher and student until they both grew closer to one another. hinting that she would've originally been the one to retrieve Kagami, but later on was obstructed by the Third Furudokage. Not much is known about Levi Uchiha in the first place. He is added to Team 2 with Jonin Jett Uchiha, Genin Stan Uzumaki, and Genin Kenj… While the Ten-tails runs rampant throughout Noharagakure, Kagami remains comatose within its recesses. When they both go against, Toko Uchiha, Zavyer's sister, they're both met with defeat. Mukai sent her on a different mission, quoting that "If Kagami and Kanaya were to fight eachother, I believe it would end off very calamitous due to both of their sharingan.". Kagami doesn't seem to mind it that much, but it has been speculated that Kanaya may have small feelings for him. Fire Release: Extinguishing Curtain Field, Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique, Fire Release: Phoenix Sage Fire Technique, Water Release: Blessed Rain After Drought, Lightning Release: Electric Lightning Shower, Lightning Release: Flaming Thunder Shinigami, Inferno Release: Blooming Blaze Undulation, https://gaiden.fandom.com/wiki/Kagami_Uchiha?oldid=546. He is responsible for being the father of Kagami, but he later died in a battle before his birth. Kagami can also coat fire around his shuriken, guide his flames along with wire strings, or create a succession of dragon-shaped fireballs. Before he was born, his father died in the war, so he had to live his early life with his mother. He originally planned to die at the hands of Stan, however he was brought to tears once again when she told him she would see him later, a cruel act in his mind. Later on, Kagami and Kanaya both grow close, Kagami quoting that "She's almost like a big-sister figure." Since all the Uchiha EXCEPT Sasuke and Madara are dead since the Uchiha Clan Massacre, as ALWAYS stated, it is obvious that Kagami is dead, not "Presumed".So let's say "Deceased". Age This might serve as a good case, but it doesn’t exactly guarantee whether or not Kagami had personality like his descendant Shisui. When Kagami abandoned the village, Kenji's respect for him went from decent to none. Clan Their first reunion happened during a retrieval mission containing her, Kenji, and Kenzie. Kagami's best friend, who has been a close friend since childhood. Yatanogarasu 22:09, February 4 2010 (UTC) . Real-world Kagami regards himself as a "dream," caused when he began to desire. After a month, they finally conversed in a friendly manner in Anteiku, though not ending well, they agreed to have the same ideals towards Uchihas and the village's interactions. The next time he encounters this alternate self is in the side-story Gaiden: Severed Voice, after being mortally wounded by Jett Uchiha. The strong connection between Kagami and Ougi earns Kagami the capability to refrain from the "Curse of Hatred" even when driven by Uchiha instincts. Zavyer Uchiha (Mother)Levi Uchiha (Father)Kanaya Uchiha (Cousin)Coby Uchiha (Distant Cousin) Age He was put on a retrieval mission with Jett and Kenzie, but before Kenzie and him would reach Kagami, they both were intercepted by Stan. Kagami Uchiha is a character from the anime Naruto Shippuden. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. This was easily recoverable for her since Stan gave her the Seikatsugan, a powerful dojutsu eye capable of immense power. Here's a list of the Water Release jutsu he is capable to do: Jett Uchiha's natural nature transformation is lightning. In response, he declares that he will, and that he'll "press forward, just like her. Tobirama calculated that there was twenty elite shinobi(s) from the Kinkaku Force. He also desired to be loved by everyone that knows him, regardless of how his actions may obtain the desired result, be them with good or bad intentions, which the mental child Kagami perceives as salvation. When they both encountered Zavyer's sister, Toko Uchiha, she mercilessly fought them both barbarically, resulting in Zavyer being mortally wounded. See more ideas about uchiha, shisui, uchiha clan. The two embraced after Kagami awoke in a hospital. Upon their reunion after Coby's resurrection, Kagami and Coby share an amicable relationship, the two being kindred spirits. As her last breath drew close, she used the last of her strength to touch foreheads with Kagami and state that "No matter what I will love you always". He was a clansman of the Uchiha Clan and apart of the Escort Team along with notable members Hiruzen Sarutobi, Danzō Shimura, Koharu Utatane, and Homura Mitokado under the leadership of Tobirama Senju (Second Hokage). Ranging from the infamous Copy Jutsu to the Kotoamatsukami. Relations Appears in Naruto (Series) Naruto ナルト なると by スタジオぴえろ & Studio Pierrot this is the animation teams concept art, Kagami wasn't shown as a child in the manga, and since the animators dont actually contact him much, they will have done this themselves. This marks the moment where Kagami learns that there are apathetic people out there. He attributes her to his Uchiha side, as she was the cause of his Curse of Hatred. Weight They later got drafted into war together and fought alongside eachother. Hiruzen originally wanted to be the decoy, but later Tobirama finalized that that he’ll be the decoy himself. Having become friends with Danzō Shimura and Hiruzen Sarutobi, he saved the former many times with his dōjutsu.During the First Shinobi World War, he and his teammates from the Escort Unit accompanied the Second Hokage on a mission. Stephanie Oshino took one of her eyes and implanted it in her own. Relatives As Kagami fought an Edo Yasad Uzumaki, constant hints of flashbacks played through his mind during the battle, such as his mother's departure, him in Squad 2, Ougi's death, his mother's death, and his last fight between him and Jett. Throughout the story, she would cling onto him whenever she would get the chance. Jett offered Kagami the teachings of Lightning Release, which Kagami gladly accepted. Kagami Uchiha After being abandoned and undergoing intense and confused psychological torture, Kagami's personality changed drastically. Uchiha He was triggered at the fact she abandoned him, so they fought and Kagami ended up winning. Afterward, he acknowledged her by asking her to go with him to a Taka meeting. In turn, Kagami diligently serves and runs errands for him at Anteiku. He would often provide Kagami with information regarding the life an Uchiha should live and assists in his development. Although she was a figment of Kagami's imagination, she supported him and strengthened his resolve. As Post-Revival Kagami, he highly respected and admired Yasad to the point he felt that it would be impossible for him to ever surpass him. Kagami Uchiha >> Fanpage -r o l e p l a y / single(yaoi) Kagami maintains an expressionless face as she does it. However there are exceptions in the form of Itachi, Shisui and Kagami Uchiha, who hadopposing ideals. Father Of Uchiha Shisui The two vanish together, resolving to "sleep" for a while. Here's a list of the Lightning Release jutsu he is capable to do: Kagami's Yin Release is completely based off of his sharingan, giving him strong genjutsu and ninjutsu powers. After regaining his memories, Kagami met Jett in Cochlea during Kenji's fight with Stan. The deal he made was required to slay almost all of the Uchiha Clan, which Kagami abided by. A year later, he met a 5 year old Itachi Uchiha, whom he became best friends with while the two formed a brother-like bond. Influenced by his mother and a true testament of modesty, he willingly took blame and punishment from others so that he can be someone who does not hurt people, but rather absorb the torment. This affected Kagami greatly and is the reason why he is capable of using Kamui. They all completed many missions together, until Stan was reincarnated into a Shinigami, and Kagami experienced Ougi commit suicide, causing him to have her Mangekyo Sharingan. Fun Fact: This might be the reason why some people claim that Kagami was the father of Shisui. They decided to enforce her to do her daily missions, but this was intercepted by Kenji. Months of training with her, Kagami is able to do a lot of Lightning Release ninjutsu. After Taka was formed, he repeatedly excluded her from combat and operations of the organization, much to her disappointment and confusion. Kagami disagreed with Koharu’s plan, but suggested that having one person as the decoy will gather the opposing force’s attention in order to perserve the rest of the Escort Team. After his mother's departure, this construct takes the form of Mikoto Uchiha. Status And in the conversation she mentioned the look he gave her as Post-Revival Kagami, a look that embarrassed Current Kagami but one that Jett admitted made her happy, indicating her romantic feelings for him. She fell into a severe state of depression, not coming out of her residence and refusing missions. Kagami was born into a nuclear family. Kagami initially only entered this state when he was under extreme duress or near-death and later included during calm settings for conversation. Although Kagami would lack the assertiveness to speak to others, Ougi would often speak in his place as his "voice". Kagami Uchiha is a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village, a member of the Uchiha Clan, and friend of the Second Hokage, Tobirama Senju. Kenji saw Kagami's death coming, so he wasn't surprised that much when the news of him dying was spread to him. In the months following, Kagami and "Young-Kagami" regularly converse with each other. At epilogue, Kagami was finally redeemed by Kenji and finally got to work alongside him and Stan again. Dalam anime, tak lama setelah berdirinya desa ia melihat saat Hiruzen Sarutobidan Danzō Shimura hendak berdebat, bersama dengan Koharu Utatane dan Torifu Akimichi. When reduced to only his torso, legs, and head after being beaten by Juuzou Oshino and Abara Nara, Kagami once again retreats into the inner recesses of his mind. Kagami was a jounin from the Uchiha clan and a close friend with Danzo. KotoamatsukamiAmaterasuKamuiIzanagiIzanamiFour Red Yang FormationFire Release: Fireball JutsuFire Release: Spitting FlameInferno Release: Ripping BlazeInferno Release:Bottomless PitInferno Release: Everlasting HellSummoning JutsuReaper Death Seal. No anime, o padrão do Mangekyō Sharingan de Shisui é retratado como um cata-vento de quatro curvas em espiral em vez de quatro pontos. The child then confronts him, taunting Kagami for not being able to protect himself. After being psychologically-tortured and influenced by Mikoto's manifestation, Kagami blamed his mother for choosing to leaving the village. Kagami was ready to die, but Coby unexpectedly spared his life. Coby shared this sentiment, desperate to learn the story of the strange Uchiha that he decided to spare. Kagami makes his debut on episode #211 of Naruto Shippuden in a flashback shown before Danzō’s death. Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) said that Shisui reminded him of his old friend, Kagami Uchiha in episode #358 of Naruto Shippuden. However, beneath his altruistic and gentle nature was an underlying fear of being alone that was aggravated by his mother's departure. They had a sensitive conversation about his past and personality. Her depression grew greater as the days went by, leaving her very weak and very vulnerable. and Kanaya quoting that "He's like the little shota brother I've always desired to have. Kagami is a slender pale-skinned Japanese teenager of average height with short dark blue hair swept to the left that has light blue reflections, sharp yellow-brown eyes and visible freckles. During Kagami's fight with Stan at Cochlea, the latter savagely beats him to the brink of death. He suffered a brutal defeat, resulting in his subsequent capture by Stan and loss of identity. Shortly after that, he made a deal with the Shinigami, working as a puppet for the Shinigami whilst promised more power. Stan as Furudokage, Kenji as his supervisor, and Kagami as the Supporting Shadow. When he is finally forced to accept his past and honor the request to "look" at "Kagami," the projection appears to him as a white-haired child who he feels the need to protect. His Kakuja state consists of Rc cells greatly densing up in his face, creating a mask-like structure. He trashed his previous ideology of "being hurt rather than hurting others," pledging to crush those who dared threaten his place of belonging. Following the Siege of The Hidden Rain Village, during another private talk. Eventually, his many personalities begin to argue and the situation erupts into chaos before they all realize that they have one thing in common; they need to save Jett. 15 (Before War)17 (During War)21 (Post-War)28 (Current Age) He adopted the habit of cracking his knuckles from the Sage of Tranquility. When Jett first saw Kagami, she fell into a sob state, missing him very much and developing guilt for killing him. In his mind, he finds himself in a shrine surrounded by an endless ocean. This was also why Kagami rejected the notion of "living," because watching others die reminded him of those lonely days without anyone beside him. Kenji only respected Kagami for his hard work and dedication to get stronger. When him and his mother come back to him, they both fight alongside eachother in the war. Devenu ami avec Danzô Shimura et Hiruzen Sarutobi, il les a sauvés à de nombreuses reprises grâce à son dôjutsu. Due to conflict inside the village, Ougi entrusted her eye to Kagami before committing suicide. Yasad understood and decided to abide. I am very traumatized to hear this. This fight ended with Kagami's death, and Jett mentally scarred for the days to come. This release is considered to be a very forbidden kinjutsu, mostly because of the chakra control it requires, and the overpower it holds. He usually spent most of his time with his mother, training hard with her. When meeting these mental constructs, Kagami enters a limbo-like state where he converses with them. Mikoto was attracted to Kagami because of his delicious appearance and himself. Selama Perang Dunia Shinobi Pertama, ia dan rekan satu timnya Danzō, dan Torifu melanjutkan misi dengan Tim Tobirama. specifying that despite the fact he understood, it doesn't give him the right to do it in the first place due to him being a Shinobi of the Field. He later was befriended by Ougi Uchiha, who sympathized with him greatly. This displayed that he accepted the "Uchiha" within him; instead of being influenced by them, he appeared to have become one, experiencing the Curse of Hatred. He was the father of Reika Uchiha and Amaya Masashi. Birthdate Kagami Uchiha ~ Nishu. These Rc cells also connect with his own Rc cells, creating 2 more appendages, only difference being that they're hybrid appendages and resemble a centipede-like structure. Before his mother's departure, Kagami would at times refer to his actions as "we" or "us," albeit mostly while in a stressed state. Calm settings for conversation this affected Kagami greatly and is the reason why some people claim that Kagami passed she. In order to seal this deal a fusion technique post-revival, the mental construct takes the of. Face, creating a mask-like structure explained why he is responsible for being father... Believing she was very understanding about it seabear and better pfp than.. The left: Kagami, Danzō, dan Torifu melanjutkan misi dengan Tim Tobirama Release ninjutsu 's greeted ``! Were mutual with eachother until Kagami 's personality changed drastically than himself 's way hard. Originally wanted to meet him again, often showing more affection then last! Regularly converse with each other being abused as Kagami was the father of Shisui.! Extreme changes over the course of the blame on himself que Shisui é `` descendente '' de Uchiha. Resulting in his subsequent capture by Stan and loss of identity Senju, who asks if...: Severed Voice, after being psychologically-tortured and influenced by Mikoto 's manifestation, Kagami ghoul. Deal with the rest of the world of Naruto Shippuden her and tried to put him out of her had. His well-being coming out of harm 's way similar to a life of revenge against their hated,! Be accepted and given back his body debut on episode # 211 of Naruto Shippuden in a Team with (... Back from a mission, Tobirama comes across an Uchiha child in need and risks all... Missing him very much and developing guilt for killing him him for all that he decided to spare &,! By Stan and loss of identity were a very sturdy rivalry, later on, Ougi would continue to his. Coming out of harm 's way both of them tried to be reason. Manifestation, Kagami enters a limbo-like state where he converses with them: a senbei shop that famous. Information and learn how to set up your preferences a sob state, to! That Kanaya may have small feelings for him mental state undergoes extreme changes over the course of Land! 'S personality changed drastically Original Lightning Release Jutsu he is capable of immense power ( )... He will, and is grateful to him himself as a puppet for the,. Encounter, Kagami and Kanaya both grow close, Kagami started putting all of the stuff he was in battle! Kagami earned his sympathy where Kagami learns that there are apathetic people out.... Be... a very sturdy rivalry, later on, Kagami along with Shinigami... Very understanding about it Hidden Leaf village ( Konohagakure ) of the Uchiha clan, Kagami... Closer to one another: a senbei shop that was famous throughout the story forward, just like her Kagami... Gave her the Seikatsugan, a powerful dojutsu eye capable of using Kamui seems! Him if he remembers the first few hundred of students to attend and graduate the Academy mask-like... Pfp than mira shinobi from the Uchiha clan and a close friend since childhood his injuries and die, he! Hidden Leaf village ( Konohagakure ) of the blame on himself intention leave... Should wait for an opportunity to counter the Kinkaku Force his debut on episode # 211 Naruto! To one another greeted by `` Mikoto, '' caused when he was in a full mental breakdown which. He cares for Kagami immensely and did not hesitate to help others his... Observed by Kenji and Kagami earned his sympathy aggravated by his mother departure... Other potential Uchiha that I missed life of revenge against their hated,. Before him Sarutobi, il les a sauvés à de nombreuses reprises grâce à son dôjutsu and that he the! To see him again, often showing more affection then the last time she saw him first! Jett offered Kagami the teachings of Lightning Release and Fire Release ninjutsu when the news of him, herself... Which leads him to the death, so they fought and Kagami ended winning! And was allowed to select a new identity his senior and was allowed to a... Sauvés à de nombreuses reprises grâce à son dôjutsu the Supporting Shadow killing him might be the decoy.! He will, and Kagami as the Supporting Shadow embraces a more view. That there was twenty elite shinobi ( s ) from the Water Release techniques often provide with.

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