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The Han Empire having them would explain a lot. Sweeney basically did not provide him with a chance to perform at all. Pang Tong sacrifices himself, to aid his fellow brothers. Medieval II: Total War: MODs Broken Crescent 1.05 Broken Crescent 2.02 Stainless Steel 5.1b Stainless Steel 6.1 Deus Lo Vult 5.7 Deus Lo Vult 6.0 HTF: Eagle of the Elbe 05 The Long Road 2.0 … total war three kingdoms gameplay part 8 get zhuge liang pang tong war. Per page: 15 30 50. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews ... Pang tong being underwhelming is part of the plot and accurate to the 3k romance. AI Won’t Execute Characters AI. Hebei was under the jurisdiction of An Lushan, so the local counties either opened their gates or fled. level 2. He’s wild, impatient, and fearless. Huangfu Song is a regular member of the Han forces in the Dynasty Warriors series. Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others. Do they really think people want to play the same campaign again and again for the CHANCE at accessing that faction's Unique Legendary Characters? Tags: Strategy / Risk, Medieval / Warcraft Filesize: 58.88 MB Rating: (4 votes) Downloads: 1288 Uploaded: May 16, 2019 Updated: Oct 25, 2019 Resources: 1 Author(s): hi1 State: ... Pang Tong (Dynasty Warriors by Koei Tecmo) - DaSha; Imperial Guards - BingShanXiaoMeiGui; Marksman - BingShanXiaoMeiGui; Tiger Knight - BingShanXiaoMeiGui; Press J to jump to the feed. Like, if you follow the story where possible then you have a high chance of romance generals switching to join you if they did so in rotk for example. I've seen people try (and fail) to argue that it helps with campaign variety but I struggle to see how denying the player's agency and locking variety behind what is essentially a game of chance is in any way helpful for campaign variety. They should make it an in game option. Armour = 0 Melee Evasion = 0 Hidden Strike A hidden strike hits with more power than those that are seen. 33:44. Heavenly Grace Diaochan stuns all those around her. Not sure why they made that call. Total War: Warhammer 2 - Malekith . There are a few workaround mods that make them auto join or give you 100% capture chance but i'm hoping patches or future mods give a more organic way of recruiting them. Meaning you have only 11 turn to get him, the chance is also 250, meaning if you miss him in 11 he's gone for good, Xu Chu has a random chance of 250 var to spawn, start from turn 30 and last turn being 50, meaning you have 20 turns timer to get Xu Chu, or he's gone, note 250 is quite low compared to other characters with 500 chance, Zhao Yun first become available to join at turn 8 for Liu Bei, with a 500 var chance, and last round at 28, meaning after Turn 28, you will no longer be able to have the Zhao Yun joins Liu Bei Event if you missed it, Xu Shu joins Liu Bei on turn 76, and have a 500 var chance to leave Liu Bei due to historical event close to turn 86, Pang Tong starts to spawn at turn 90, with his final being at 100, so you have a 10 turns timer to get Pang Tong, his var chance is also 250 which is quite low, Zhou Yu has a chance to spawn on turn 35 for Sun Jian, with it's end round being 50, meaning you have a 15 round timer to get Zhou Yu, Gang Ning either joins Sun Jian or Liu Biao from turn 30, with only a 10 turn limit timer, with a low chance of var 250, Zhuge Liang Events start to appear from turn 83, and will stopped once it reaches turn 100, Sima Yi starts to spawn from turn 90, and will stop once it reaches 100, There are also other characters but they work in similar ways, Mods that Guaranteed All Characters to Join/ Mods Compilation. During his youth, he led a pirate group that infamously wore bells to … They're some of my favourite characters, and the only one I got was Xu Huang in the second campaign on turn 140. Total War: Three Kingdoms - Characters. Submitted by hi1. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Yeah, after I got Zhuge Liang I got him in an event. Yes, really dumb they add rng to story events for sandbox appeal.

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